CAPB Training


  • ERP Training – Courses in proper usage and implementation of ERP across multiple departments.
  • We have expert courses available in SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics to service businesses of any scale.
  • Online Coaching – Live virtual coaching sessions provided by our industry experts give you and your staff the personal attention required for a deep understanding of complex enterprise software products.
  • One on One – Short, individual meetings with specific members of your business geared to help them quickly grasp concepts they would otherwise spend hours attempting to self teach.
  • Instructional Programs – Seminars available for all major IT Infrastructure platforms.
  • Interactive Courses – Interactive teaching tools designed around major SaaS platforms to help employees better interact with their digital work environment.  

Is CAPB Training right for you?

  • Do your employees struggle with properly inputting and analyzing day to day operations?
  • Are you apprehensive about scaling up because of costly & lengthy training commitments?
  • Are you unsure if you’re maximizing efficiency with the systems you already have implemented?
  • Do you need to better understand the technological solutions available to you?


Our Mission Statement

​CAPB LLC is dedicated to the furtherance of modern technological aptitude among individuals and businesses alike. We believe that access to high level technological solutions in this modern age should not be limited strictly to large corporations, and tirelessly strive to level the playing field by giving our customers the skills required to thrive in today’s demanding and complex digital work environment. 

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Founded by Alexandre Haussmann, CAPB LLC has been servicing individuals, as well as small to medium-sized businesses for years and most of our original clients still work with us to this day.


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